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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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the names of the supervisors who have been nominated for the election to the office a board president are: supervisor david chiu, supervisor cohen supervisor kim. board rule 5/20 states that the roll call vote will take place enough of a quarter. supervisor avalos will begin with you. please indicate your preference from among the money stated. >> president: we have a little bit of discussion. supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i want to thank my colleagues for the nomination and also thank numbers of the public who came out in support. i feel like i have home turf advantage but i did not ask anyone to come and vote. we cannot let this moment go by
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without some excitement. many of us walked into the room knowing what would be occurring today. and perhaps that vote will be historic in another way. malia and i did want to push the conversation about what leadership means and what it means to look at women leaders in the future. we have had meaningful conversations over the last couple of days about what it means to serve and be a woman in politics. and also some of the strength that we can showcase, whether bringing our heart and our emotions everyday to this job. the day that i spoke with malia there was a tragedy in her district and i watched as she uncomfortably struggled with how she can be a leader in her community with some of the violence occurred almost on a daily basis and it was heartwarming watching her struggle with that emotion
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trying to figure out how she can take a difference for the city and county. i want to appreciate that. i also know that many members of the public that also want to come and speak about supporting a woman of color, and we wanted to allow the dialogue to occur in public comment today but putting forth our nominations. in two years i hope our colleagues will consider what different leadership could look like. we may not be able to get there today. but i wanted to express my willingness to reach across the aisle. malia and i don't always agree but we share a common agenda. we want to show that women can work together; sometimes have heard that we cannot. there is that willingness to work there. i want to share supervisors campos's comments and what supervisor breed said.
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many of us share those goals. i would like to withdraw my nomination. i do want to thank many of the members here that are supportive. i'm happy to support another leader on the board of supervisors, one of the nominated two years ago who has shown leadership and has showed that he is able to collaborate and bring together an agenda. i look forward to supporting him today. thank you. >> president: thank you supervisor kim. supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: the beautiful thing about leadership is that you don't need to position, right? you don't need a title? you don't need a soapbox. all you need is a vision. i was moved today listening to public comments.
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listening to our attorney general speak. listening to supervisor campos and avalos. as well as the new members on the board. it really frames who we are as a people, as the city and as a country. we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. i would not be here if it were not for president abraham lincoln who demonstrated outstanding leadership. put his own political career on the line; by signing the emancipation proclamation. 120 years ago. leadership - does not belong to one gender. does not belong to one class. does not belong to one race.
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leadership -- lives and breathes inside all of us. whether you're a member of the clergy, labor, and advocate, nonprofit organization, staff, we are all leaders and we have a social responsibility to each other. to live together peacefully, to ensure that in a democratic society that we are living and honoring our democratic principles. to be fair to all persons. all ethnicities, all sexual orientations, and religions. an african-american, a woman. don't lose sight of the purpose
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of the conversation today. today jane and i want to make a statement that oftentimes foreshadowed when you don't have the pulpit. today we successfully have demonstrated that even the sidelines, even the corner, you can raise your voice, have another opportunity, another option, viable, strong, that has integrity, is thoughtful, filled with love and compassion. that is what leadership is about. stepping forth outside of your comfort zone and doing things sometimes when people to the left and to the right, no pun intended, are not able to do at that particular moment. so -
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as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation, the 50th anniversary of the march in washington, the commemoration of the first time in history san francisco mayor has been led by an asian american, five board of supervisors; we are leaving the country. they are watching and paying attention. every person that can hear my voice, every person here, has a leadership quality, has a leadership in them. i challenge you in 2013 to go out and make the light shine. be a leader no matter where you are, in your neighborhood organizing a park, a dog walk, organizing labor. it is irrelevant. the point is that collectively we are stronger and that is what leadership is about.
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mr. president i want to respectfully withdraw my nomination. i would like to thank the people that came out unsolicited to show their support. it feels good to know that people recognize you. and i have to tell you, i believe that in working across the aisle, that will not this new leadership. i'm going to speak of this chamber. you will see new style in 2013 and moving forward, of a board of supervisors that is not going to be afraid of each other but will work together collectively with the best interest of every single san franciscan. thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor cohen. i'm clerk i turned election back to you. >> supervisor v
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avalos, the name on the floor is david chiu. >> breed for chiu. >> supervisor chiu: david chiu. >> chiu fo chiu. >> >> supervisor cohen: chiu. >> >> supervisor kim: >> kim for chiu. >> mar for chiu. >> yee for chiu. >> congratulations mr. president. you are the board president. (applause)
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>> could we call the next agenda item? >> at this time, it is time for you to provide brief remarks. >> president: it is time for our mayor to provide brief remarks. let me take the opportunity to introduce many members of the mayor's team who are here. i want to recognize our chiefs, police chief greg surr [sounds
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like], fire chief -- chief of probation bill -- city administrator, nta director, head of rec department. our port director. our director of dbi. office of civic engagement, immigrant affairs. i believe i saw the mayor's chief of staff. i want to thank our city controller ben rosenfield. i want to thank our citywide elected officials, city attorney dennis guerrera, city
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treasurer, public defender, sheriff. we have a number of former members of this body who are here. i want to take a moment to welcome back of the chamber former board of supervisors conroy, silver, i know i saw mable tang here [sounds like] and former supervisor chris daly i believe is out in the hallway and understand that we have been joined by a member of our board of education, -- mendoza. with that, mr. mayor, would like to join us? (applause) >> i would like to give our mayor the opportunity to say a few words on today's occasion. >> thank you everybody. happy new year!
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i wanted to be here the congratulate the supervisors who have been reelected, as well as the new elected supervisors and to welcome those families and friends who have come along way i'm sure, whether working with the newly elected, or alongside all of us for many years. i want to acknowledge the public officials that have been identified in the commissioners and department heads, for being here today. a sincere congratulations to board president chiu for you nomination in your reelection as board president. i look forward to working with you and with the whole board to continue the success of our city and to make sure that the dialogue but we have just heard, whether the celebration that supervisor yee had last night or london had today -
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sorry, supervisor breed, we are all still calling ourselves each by our first names - we continue making sure that the city is successful for everybody, for every race, every gender, every orientation, every class that wants to be here in this great city. i know that all of you both those who have been here reelected, newly elected, know this for sure. we not only see this is a great honor of the voters who voted us in, but we know that it comes with a grade level of responsibility that i know what start happening as a moment whether it is a pothole in your district or a crime in your
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district, or needs that you have known for many years of people have asked you to take care of or citywide issues that affect the quality of life for everybody. i will work hard to work with you to make sure that we treat each of your districts the way that the voters have envisioned, that we take care of, but we also make sure that anybody who wants to live here who once a visit san francisco, start a business or work can survive and be successful with your work . we want to be the innovation capital of the world but also the best city in the world. thank you very much and congratulations. (applause)
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>> president: thank you mr. mayor. at this time we are the part of the program that i know many folks have been waiting for, the opportunity for us to hear from those members of the body that were elected this past november. with that i would like to acknowledge our colleagues in numerical order, starting with recently elected district 1 colleague supervisor eric mar. (applause) >> supervisor mar: thank you everyone. i want to thank the mayor for being here as well and all the department heads that do the heavy lifting in our neighbors. happy new year. it is the year of the snake coming up for the chinese calendar. we have an incredible board of supervisors, the 11 of us. some of the most incredibly experienced, community rooted activists.
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an incredibly diverse body, the most diverse in the city's history, two african-americans; two chicano latinos. i think our diversity expands too much broader than ethnicity; the 11 of us are present 11 people here, tremendous significant community and cultural experience. my colleague norman yee, to london breed, working with families and cultural equity in our neighborhoods. i am proud to be serving with our two new members. my family is with me today, i am the happiest person maybe on this earth; i am beaming because my daughter jane mar has taken
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time to be away from her middle school to be hearing thank you to my mother for raising me and my twin brother gordon, and my three other siblings not only in sacramento where we grew up and also wherever we are. by the way gordon also has led the chinese regressive association for decades and now is the nature, community worker alliance. my sister candy and her husband ken is here; my girlfriend deborah low is here; i want to thank my sister and brother who are watching. thank you for my siblings to encourage healthy diet,
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especially exercise. i want to also say that my campaign most of you know, i had to do a little bit more work than my college did. avalos and chiu. i am proud of that hard work that i and my grassroots, people powered campaign built. it wasn't president it, never before in san francisco has anyone poured 1 million dollars to unseat a supervisor; we sent a strong message to them. the strongly independent, richmond district residents stood with me, and the grassroots powered campaign stood with me and we sent a strong message that the richmond district is not for sale.
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all the community allies that pounded the pavement, did the campaign work in building our great campaign and committed so much of their time to our historic victory. my campaign team was awesome. the most fun people to be around. i want to acknowledge nicole d'arcy and andrew sin, and dana rivera [sounds like] and my campaign manager, field director, i would like to also use the term "kick ass", the organizers, rabbel rousers, mikey tong [sounds like] and many others. we had a great campaign. i am energized by it and will continue to fight for not only
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the richmond district but for the whole city. we have a beautiful district the crumbling before our eyes but it has many challenges. i look forward to work with our colleagues in support of the schools, education from pre-k to higher education; local hiring in jobs. i want to do my best to create good jobs, livable wage jobs, and healthy communities and that is a good piece of legislation moving for this year. i will continue to work with many of you in strengthening our public health protection not only in richmond district but in all of our communities and working with a small business leaders. to revitalize not only -- boulevard but balboa and clemente, revitalizing
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neighborhood corridors. i like to continue my work to improve the richmond district and make it livable for everyone, young and old, tenant, homeowners, immigrant families, small pop and mom businesses. i want to acknowledge that i am lucky to have three incredible staff from a legislative [indiscernible] (off mic). you have to look at the -- pieces of my campaign to understand that inside joke. a look forward to working with many of you on the issues that i raised. with this the first new board of supervisors,
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incredible people, i will do my part to move our city forward. thank you very much everyone. (applause) >> president: supervisor london breed, newly elected to represent district 5. (applause) >> supervisor breed: so, i actually have -- thank you supervisor cohen -- i delivered a speech earlier today. i don't want to send you through all the motions. i'm going to say how excited i
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am to be here, how proud i am to be the district 5 supervisor, to represent the district that i call home my entire life. the city people at the swearing-in that we held this morning at 10 a.m.; to see my colleagues in the mayor, so many people from the community, my family, my friends it was truly an honor. i held is wearing in earlier because i did not want ms. johnson to walk to the chamber door and be turned away; i do not want the people that i grew up with, my friends and family, people that i was raised with to not have a seat; i want to introduce my special guests, my little brother, the rest of the family.
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how long is the other one going to be? we will see you later. will see you at the reception. my little brother is handicapped with me, paul, please stand. don't mess with me. my brother is not that little. he and i were grew up together in the same house, in the same conditions, in the same circumstances. sadly i did lose a sister, and another brother not able to be with us. it is a good feeling to have a brother who was in the same struggle to be here today, both raised by my grandmother, who has alzheimer's and could not be here today. she would be really proud of us both. i'm here representing the family. paul is here as the man of the
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family. -- -- who will be one of the a's in my office4. these people from the very beginning met with me , stayed with me, supported me, drove me around, listen to the drama, and stood by my side through it all. i have to say it was one of the most incredible journeys of my life to work with people in the capacity of the campaign, there is nothing like it for people to see it through the good and the bad times and still love you regardless what you say to them. it is amazing. i want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you all so much for being there for me,
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for being amazing people and for caring so much about district 5. even when you gave me advice not always in the best interest, or in others interest, but it was always about what are we going to do for district 5. i want to acknowledge former san francisco supervisor, what am i good friends for many years since the days of treasure island, annemarie conroy. maggie -- (indiscernible) and maureen irwin, my campaign manager another aid in my office. ahmed -- amazing people to work with. in terms of campaign structure and commitment to probably have the best team. i know that supervisor mar
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and supervisor yee ran hard races, but i have the best team. i am thankful to people i went to, public school, junior high, elementary, galileo high school. mr. wayne at galileo sent me a check, professors at usf, it was a humbling experience. there are so many people to thank. the last two people that i have to thank, first of all -- harris, the attorney general. she came out, stepped out there is reportedly and has been with me every step of the way. i want to thank you publicly,
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our great attorney general for the state of california and i want to thank the person who has demonstrated what it means to be courageous, to stand up for what is the right thing. amelia ashley ward, the publisher, she had my back and supported me and fought for me. i want to say for the bottom of my heart thank you for being there for me. it means a lot. now, our resident of district 5 have a supervisor that understands the district; understands the needs of the district; and is prepared for the challenges that we face not only as a district but as a city. i am prepared to step up and to do what is necessary in order to make the difference in district 5. i know thate


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